Green Snake, Eastern Smooth

Latin name

Opheodrys vernalis vernalis


Fast facts

  • Adult body length: 12 - 20 inches, record 26 inches
  • Length when hatched: 4 - 6½ inches
  • Breeding period: mate in spring and late summer
  • Young per year: lay 3 - 11 eggs in late August to September
  • Typical foods: mainly insects and spiders


    As suggested by its name, the scales of this snake are smooth, without keels. The Smooth Green Snake is bright grass-green in color. The under surface is white, often tinged with pale yellow. Recently hatched individuals are bluish gray or dark olive-green. The anal plate is divided. Separating the eastern subspecies from the western subspecies is very difficult and requires a specialist.


    Overall Range
    Nova Scotia south to North Carolina, west to Wisconsin, and to central and north central Minnesota.

    Range in Ohio
    Northeastern quarter of the state.

    Eastern Smooth Green Snake Ohio Map

    Local Habitat
    Moist grassy areas in meadows, marshes, and in fields along forest edges.


    The Smooth Green Snakes are diurnal. Although it is a good climber, this snake typically is terrestrial. While moving through grass and low shrubs the color of this snake provides excellent camouflage. Individuals often hibernate together in large numbers.